Kim Walcott hails from Melbourne (Australia) and has been working in the IT industry for nearly 30 years, nearly 20 of those years as a Project Manager. In that time he has had cause to develop a number of processes and tools to support the project management roles he has undertaken. Some of these processes, tools and templates are now offered here in this site for FREE download to the project management community.

Templates and Tools

Risk Register – Excel tool for managing project risks. The Risk Register can be configured to meet the requirements of an organization’s risk measurement and monitoring standards however it comes pre-configured for standard IT project risk measurement. The Risk Register also provides a facility for measuring the feasibility of risk mitigation actions.

Issues Register – Excel tool for recording and managing project issues and associated resolution events. The Issues Register is downloaded from a self extracting zip file that contains the register as well as a comprehensive user guide.

Quality Log – Excel tool for recording and monitoring the quality requirements and quality events of all deliverables for an IT project. The Quality log comes pre-loaded with 100 records of project documents typical for an IT project.

Budget Tracking – Excel tool for entering a project budget and tracking expenditure against the budget. The Budget Tracking tool can be configured for any length project up to 12 months and can be rolled over for a new period. It can also be configured with user-defined project categories. Several project tracking graphs and charts are supplied that are targeted at Steering Committee or Project Board reporting.

Stakeholder Analysis – Excel tool for identifying and profiling the project stakeholders. The Stakeholder Analysis workbook has 2 main sheets, one for performing RACI matrix recording for stakeholders and one for profiling stakeholders.

Business Case Methodology

In addition to Kim’s own processes and tools, he has a passion for improving the quality and fit-for-purpose of  Business Case documents, especially those used as the basis of IT Project approvals. To this end, he has learned to use the methods developed and taught by Solution Matrix and has now adopted this as a means to produce high quality Business Cases.


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