PM’s Guide

In the early days, many project managers on IT projects would concerntrate their efforts on managing the big four (time, budget, people, and scope) and just pay “lip service” to the remaining project management discplines (integration, quality, procurement, risk, communications) believing that they were not important to the outcome of the project. During that time however there was a high rate of project failure.

Studies of completed or abandoned projects would often point to the fact that IT project managers were not sufficiently skilled at, or didn’t pay adequate attention to, managing project risks and project quality and that this was contributing to the rate of project failure. More recently, the rate of project failure in IT projects has often been attributed to another component or discipline that was missing from the original nine disciplines – managing change.

The Project Manager’s Guide, available for free dowload from this site, is for IT project managers and focuses only on the three components that have often been lacking from the project manager’s repertoire:

  • Change Management,
  • Risk Management, and
  • Quality Management.

It is not a complete guide to project management. It is a supplement and it is essential that all the other disciplines, processes, and methodologies in the project manager’s tool kit are still utilised.


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